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We’re still here.It’s the watch contests and giveaways that are hiding.

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Usually after we hit the ides of the month the contests dry up.  Other than this post I don’t really want to bother people with needless updates  of “no watch today”  so we’ll be back when something interesting hits my watch finder general.


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Housekeeping… I’m having an identity / image crisis


I know the page has been a bit quiet but I’ve been active in keeping the Facebook page and Twitter current with new contests and giveaways.  The main reason for this is that I’m not getting out of the site what I would like to see as a visitor.

The watch images I often have to fall back on are from Amazon are too small to adequately show off the nicer pieces.  Gaining access to decent images from the manufacturers has turned out to be a frustrating experience for the most part and I’m thinking of rejigging the site to reflect that. E.G., going over to a featured contest  with one or two large images and then the rest will be text boxes.

Some of the companies that had sane access policies include  Baume  & Mercier, Montblanc,Porsche design and Bell and Ross and I’d like to thank them for that.



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Weekend Maintenance: Intermittent service possible.

I’m working on upgrading a couple of items on the site which may adversely effect the availability sporadically over the weekend.

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