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G Shock X Burton GDF100BTN-1 and a skinned G-Shock snowboard giveaway via Casio USA

Watch:  G Shock X Burton GDF100BTN-1 and a skinned G-Shock snowboard

Casio are running a giveaway for  a limited edition Burton G-Shock watch and are throwing in a skinned G-Shock snowboard as well. Given that we’re in Arizona and enjoying temperature under freezing tonight I think I may just have to enter this one.

You are getting a G-Shock that has  the usual laundry list of features  so I’ll concentrate on just a few of the  GDF100BTN-1 features  such as

It’s  equipped with two types of sensors, one for air pressure and the other for temperature, making it highly practical and functional for use in the great outdoors. E.G., an Altimeter,barometer and thermometer that can tell you just how high, warm and under pressure you are in 31 times zones (48 cities).   built like a brick outhouse, battery life is claimed at five years and if you were to break this watch while you are still attached to it   the $180 for this piece is likely to be way cheaper than the medical bill to put you back together.

Source: via John on Pinterest

Shock Resistant

Entry Deadline: January 23 at 11:59 p.m ( EST)

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