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Nooka Zub Zirc 20 Clear GreY watch giveaway via Yanko Design

Watch: Nooka Zub Zirc 20 Clear GreY  lcd watch


It’s name is Nooka, I hope this contest ain’t a bore

all they want you do to,  a phrase that they’ve not heard before

If you can’t sleep during the night, or have time to kill ‘fore a flight

Please just acronym away .. please just acronym away.. *

Amuse Yanko design and  with your original take on an acronym for Nooka and win a  limited edition grey watch . Check out their line it’s a way to get a hint of alternate timekeeping without the blatant  “look at ME!!!!” that Tokyoflash connotes.

Source: via Lacey on Pinterest


Entry Deadline: 11/9/2012

Enter Here


*I should suffer 99.9 degrees of hurt for that.

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