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October watch giveaways and contest round up

Watch:  Various 

October surprises? Well it could be the trick or treaters that leave an Invicta or silicone sports watch on your door,  it could be referring to the presidential mudpile that passes civil discourse or if you you like the nice kind of surprises it could be winning one of these watch contests  which  end on the last day of October.

The Rolex picture?  I needed some watch to illustrate the post, and no it’s not up for grabs, but it’s a Rolex Day-Date on a president bracelet because frankly  focus-group chosen “everyman” watches get annoying after awhile.  It’s not like there aren’t US made watches or companies with at least a strong a claim to the name as many of the Swiss firms that lay dormant for decades then rediscovered their history in the nineties. I digress, a lot, so let’s get on with the recap.

First up is the  From A Blog to read .com is the MTM Silencer 

A Fortis diver from World Tempus.

A men’s diesel watch from

And the Tsovet  blackout watch from 



Entry Deadline: Oct 31st 2012


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