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TSOVET SVT-NM85 giveaway via

Watch: TSOVET SVT-NM85  

Just as I was bemoaning the lack of watches to give away at month’s end I manage to come along this black watch ,with black hands on a black background.  This large Swiss-made watch with the Russian sounding name is 50mm,  quartz movement and  as you can see, or can’t ,it’s so stealthy that it doesn’t even have lume  on the hands yet they leave a standard date indicator on it so just how committed are they to this blackout piece?  I hate it on so many grounds that I would wear it in the office, get way more comments on it being a cool watch than any of the expensive/ legible watches I rotate through and then find my mood as black as the watch.  I quite like the watch in it’s non blackout guise  hopefully you feel differently should you win this.


Entry Deadline:Oct 31st 2012

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