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Expresso WR62 GPS Golf Watch via

Watch:  Expresso WR62 GPS Golf 

The Scots, some Scots at least, Ok maybe just a few of us say  that “Gowf is a lang walk ruined”   so pardon my insolence but having failed part of  a college course due to a golfer taking forever to tee off at St Andrews I’m not a fan.  Many sports have an origin in hunting or warfare it’s hard to imagine people stunning a rabbit 200 yards away with a nice drive or being able to take down a vehicle larger than a  SUV with a 3-Iron but that doesn’t mean we can’t add some military originated technology to the game.

In the Hole golf .com are giving away a watch that can tell you where you are and how far it is to the next hole with some assistance on the hazards ahead and as a bonus you can tell time with it.




Entry Deadline: End August 2012

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