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Seiko Orange monster giveaway via “Marie Antoinette’s watch” book by John Biggs

 Seiko Orange monster watch Giveaway.

John Biggs  of Wristwatch review,the Hourtime show ,Techcrunch and myriad other articles on  technology and watch topics is giving away a Seiko Orange monster for joining the mailing list  for his unreleased book  “Marie Antoinette’s watch” or as I’d name the movie  “The Queen,the master-watchmaker, the thief and her lover.”

This one is not the prize:)


The  Breguet 160 pocket watch, the “Marie Antoinette” or “The Queen” was commissioned from Breguet for the then Queen of France and was to be the most complicated timepiece on the planet. The tale of the watch is almost as complicated as the mechanism inside it which holds up well to modern standards 200 years after it’s commission.

Entry Deadline: End of May 2012

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