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Bushnel neo GPS golf watch giveaway via Freebirdee and Golfdom

Watch:  Bushnell neo GPS golf watch 

I’m from the country that allegedly created the modern game of golf yet I’m not what you could call a fan. Many golfers have watch sponsorship deals which really don’t seem to tie in to the game re the relatively gentle nature of it. In Tennis Nadal’s the Richard Mille watch gets a workout, free divers watches get wet and the stunt pilots actually put forces on the watch not usually experienced, for long if you want to live, in everyday life.

This watch actually does something related to Golf.

  • 25,000 Preloaded Courses with Front/Center/Back Distances
  • Auto Course & Auto Hole Recognition
  • Shot Distance Calculator
  • Waterproof

Entry Deadline:   May  31st 2012  

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