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Bell and Ross WW1-92 Heritage Photo contest via Bell and Ross

Bell and Ross WW1-92 Heritage Photo contest via Bell and Ross

Watch:Bell and Ross WW1-92 heritage

This is a photo contest  where you have to create an image that displays your understanding of the Bell and Ross Heritage style. Entry is by a Facebook app, link below, and you have till March 8th 2012 to get your images in.  Going to save a few thousand words here and feature the  Heritage and the related military watches. The same series also contains a pocket watch, the PW1 which is were the story starts in their re-imagined transition from pocket to wrist watch.


I just saw the WW1-92 heritage in person last Friday and it’ s very well executed watch existing in a space that Bell and Ross have created for themselves.Bell and Ross didn’t exist back in the 20’s,neither did watches like these. What they’ve done is taken the precursor of the aviation watch, pioneering aviators used pocket watches that had lugs soldered onto it then strapped to the wrist, and the classic WW2 pilots watch from the Axis side and created a “missing link”  between them which is the WW1-92 Heritage.

This model reinterprets the styles of the past,the sand-colored index markings convey the effects of age and the leather strap acquires a patina over time. Unlike watches of the era we get the benefit of an anti-reflective domed Sapphire crystal,reliable movements and  a level of finish that simply did not exist back in the 20’s.

There’s been a trend amongst watch companies to copy the past,to recreate models of yesteryear with slightly larger dimensions and modern materials but Bell and Ross have flown the extra mile in  projecting their DNA back seventy years prior to their founding and coming up with two cohesive pieces that fit their existing line up while modern are aviation atavism at it’s best.

Contest ends:March 8, 2012 at 1500 GMT+2

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