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Prometheus Baiji Watch Giveaway via A Blog to Read

Watch: prometheus baiji watch 

The humorist,and personal god in my geek pantheon,Douglas Adams made a book/radio series with zoologist Mark Carwardine called Last Chance to See. One of the featured animals was the Yangtze River dolphin or Baiji which is now thought to be extinct and is commerated in some small part by this giveaway from A blog to read  for a Prometheus baiji watch.  The watch is a 43mm Automatic with PVD coating  and a combination of active and passive lume on the dial so you can see it where the sun don’t shine which pretty much describes the Yangtze from 20 years back.

You can hear some of Adams’ recollections on this here But only after you’ve gone and entered the contest.


Entry Deadline:February 29st, 2012:

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