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His and Her Baume and Mercier Hampton contest via World Tempus

Watch:His and Her Baume and Mercier  watches from the Hampton Collection

Of the top three sites that either give away or hold contests to win quality watches  World Tempus consistently offers some of the nicest pieces.(c) Baume et MercierEntries usually require a bit of reading about the brand and the “risk” of ending up on the mailing list of people that make attractive watches which are behaviors I already engage in.

I often use the term fashion watch on this blog , usually it’s not a compliment but in this case I want  to make clear that there are distinct fashions in watches,you may have noticed a lot of people wearing “pie-plates” on their wrist ,myself included,but until recently watches over 40mm weren’t really that big.The Hampton collection is based on one of Baume et Mercier’s watches from the 40’s and covers a wide range of materials,movements and strap choices. The men’s watch appears to be an automatic  Hampton-10026 and the womens is a 10020  quartz.

Entry Deadline: December 31st,2011

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