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Watch giveaway Wewood date black from Locomotion of Expression blog.

Watch:Wewood date in black

Wood you believe the casual use of puns? The Locomotion of Expressions blog is giving away an interesting looking watch that’s claim to fame is the case and band are made from wood and their impact on the sustainability of the material world they even plant trees to offset this. In my prior post when one of these were given away I brought up that if you truly want to be green there are good, and inexpensive movements,that don’t need a battery E.G., a mechanical watch or one that’s solar-powered that will keep the watch going for a lifetime rather than the 40 or so batteries it will munch through.

Entry process is the usual heroic checklist of items which you can decide if it’s worth  pursuing.


Entry Deadline:  Dec 10th 2011 

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