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MARCH LA.B AM1 40 Black Automatic watch giveaway at A Blog to Read

Watch: MARCH LA.B AM1 40 Black Automatic watch

Finally a new month rolls around and,regular as clockwork,the contests for desirable watches start up again. Leading the pack is  A Blog To Read with a  60’s themed watch, evocative of the muscle cars of the period,brought into today’s world by March Lab whose vision includes this as part of their mission.

“March LA.B is a tribute to the timeless elegance of vintage watches. Our self-imposed creative requirement is to design timeless styles that will transmit to future generations, following the example set by the most exceptional watches of the past decades”

They really wore small watches back in the Sixties which is possible if you don’t have to check a phone every 4 seconds the extra the time to play hunt the tiny hand rather than demolish a cadre of pigs with pissed off fowl not yet being a problem. You’ll have no such problem with this prize  as it’s legible, well executed and not so outlandishness in price as to cost as much as a 60’s muscle car.

Entry Deadline: November 30th 2011

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