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Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive Moonphase from Trusted Watch Facebook contest

Watch: Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive Mondphase

Just kidding,did you really think I would leave you hanging with yet another mix and match gel fashion watch? Yeah we hit the doldrums for decent watches early this month but finally a Seiko via,Trusted Watch to save the day.

Seriously,not a joke the Swiss aren’t the only people that have mastered time any you are getting a lot of watch, should you buy it, for your money. One lucky person gets a Seiko Direct drive Moonphase watch that has a months power reserve,sapphire crystal a moonphase,calender and 24 hour view.Like an automatic mechanical watch your wrist movement can power this watch but rather than storing it mechanically in a spring it powers a battery the interesting bit is you can wind the watch like you would a traditional one.  It’s a great hybrid and while the battery of one watch probably doesn’t do too much damage to the environment  Seiko make a hell of a lot of watches.


Entry Deadline: October 31th 2011

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