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Tokyo Flash Rogue Touch from the Awesomer blog

A Tokyo Flash Rogue Touch is being given away by the blog that has giveaways worth of the name “The Awesomer“.

This is Tokyo Flash’s first touch screen watch and it still has a trick to being able to read it. If you like to talk to people about your watch they’ve always been a great brand to get,if not it’s best you get something a little quieter which this seems to be.

This watch is on all the time, their non LCD watches tend to tax the batteries so are turned off most of the time until you bring them to life making this, alarmingly , it has one of those too, practical. Add in a second timezone,bright display at night all under touch control and unlike many of their pieces you have a daily-wear watch.  Not your thing? Well the contest is open for any in-stock watch.

Entry is by sending a link with the watch you’d want to win.

Watch: Tokyo Flash Rogue Touch, or any in stock watch.

Entry Deadline: October 10th 2011

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