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Sparkling iPod nano Watch Giveaway

Sparkling iPod nano Watch Giveaway, yes you read that right,it’s a slow watch day.

This blog is for two kinds of people those that already like watches and don’t want to miss the chance of winning something cool, or at least in many cases tolerable.

The others are more those I hope to con into becoming the first group and I won’t be happy until there’s at least one divorce as a result of an over-stuffed Tourneau credit account:)

People that are way too cool to wear watches, the “why do I need that I have a cell-phone” are all to keen to strap a little music player to their wrist. has such a variety of band styles for the iPod that  the lack of customization on the iPod’s watch face ( two colors , black or white) does them a disservice and some of these straps looks like something that wouldn’t seem amiss on a BR03 case.

Onto the prize which is  a $10000 band for an iPod,yes it’s sparkly, yes it’s expensive and no there’s no point other than to get you to look at their more reasonable offerings for this thing to exist.

A real industry has sprang up to provide bands for the iPod,some pretty formidable and in this case the best thing about using the iPod as a time device when it has a power reserve that’s less than your automatic watch.

Watch: Sparkling iPod nano Watch Giveaway

Entry Deadline: September 14th 2011

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