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Fortis b42 cosmonaut watch contest from

From the near depths of the ocean to the far reaches of our atmosphere and beyond in just one night. Despite one companies likely desire for you to remain ignorant there’s more than one space-watch.For sure Moon-watch is in a league of it’s own, least until we see a Fiyta movement up there in the next couple of decades but I digress.  contests are special, the prize for September  is a B-42 Official Cosmonauts watch with  a few easy to research questions and a lot of luck can be yours. If you’ve not heard of , or Fortis , or  the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève  I’ve just given you a great excuse to not watch TV for a few hours.

Watch:Fortis B-42 Official Cosmonauts

Entry Deadline: September 30rd 2011

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