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Lum-Tec b16 combat watch from and the CGA company

Ah ha you exclaim finally there’s a break in the quartz,gel,blingy watch like object giveaways.Here’s a  more serious watch, a Lum-tec B16 combat watch being given away on the blog  from The CGA Company.

The b16 is a PVD coated steel watch with excellent  lume,the name gives it away maybe? A sapphire crystal with anti-reflection layer on both sides plus a sapphire exhibition case-back and a screw-down-crown. A fairly interesting Japanese automatic  movement  which allows you to to “hack” E.G., stop the second hand to synchronize the watch  your 887  like-minded friends when you are out on missions. The watch has  two straps supplied,  a rubber and a Nato one the latter fitting the character of the watch better but it’s nice to have the choice.

Watch:Lum-Tec b16 combat

Entry Deadline: September 30th 2011 at 1700 EST

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